How to enter Akashic Records. Part 1

How to enter Akashic Records. Part 1
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6 October  2019

Channeler – LAVIAANA


(contact fragments)
Translator – Yevgeniya Novikova

English text editor – GAAROS



Русская версия ченнелинга:



TÉA: Please, tell us how is your knowledge of time applied in the Akashic Records?

RECORD KEEPER: Some beings, who believe time is divided into the past, present and future, are coming over here (smiling) and pestering us…

TÉA: (laughing) Don’t point your finger, please!

RECORD KEEPER: Hey, I’m not implying anything!

TÉA: I’m just kidding (smiling). OK, and then what?

RECORD KEEPER: Then I tell them what they had in their past life and what they have now. I tell them the way they are perceiving it and be able to understand.

TÉA: You are arranging it by the time frame, aren’t you?

RECORD KEEPER: They have no idea how shocking it is to me.

TÉA: (laughing) This is a good one!

RECORD KEEPER: If I tell them how time really works, they eyes would bulge out, “What are you talking about?”

TÉA: «Everything you are asking about your future, you already have been through», is that what you are trying to say?

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, and more than that. Some come here by themselves and start poking around because they can’t find the right gallery on their own. I am not talking about all visitors. There are knowledgeable ones among them and that’s fine.

TÉA: (laughing).

RECORD KEEPER: Seriously, they come wishing everything would open up wide for them and the Record Keepers are going to rush in to lay out whatever they want “on a platter”, is this the way you say it ?

TÉA: (smiling). That’s right.

RECORD KEEPER: We give them the information and lay it all out. All in all, they are kind of weird. They are not able to hear or see anything in our realm, but trying to get over here anyway. There are many of those, by the way.

TÉA: But how do they actually manage to get there?

RECORD KEEPER: They are expressing their intention and somehow their high realm guides make it to happen. So what! They are still not able to see! Next, they start hassling us, “I wanna know, I wanna know” but they hear nothing.

TÉA: Is anything could you do to help them to hear?

RECORD KEEPER: I thought we already discussed this memory matter before.

TÉA: (laughing).

RECORD KEEPER: …mature souls, immature souls. How can you fix it quickly if it’s not gonna work anyway?

TÉA: Hey, since we are touching this subject… The fact is people complain that they cannot get to the right place to attain the information. And that’s why they burst into your place acting the way you described it. So, tell us, how would you prefer for this process to occur?

RECORD KEEPER: Actually, we would like those beings to come who understands where they are going and for what reason. They should be at list somewhat sensitive. After all, we can’t force our vision on humans who are not mature enough to possess a clairvoyant ability.

TÉA: I understand.

RECORD KEEPER: Regardless, we are ready for friendly communication with decent people who knock on our doors respectfully and do not kick them open, as you say. There are some rude visitors acting like, “Give me that!” In these cases, we don’t even show up. They force themselves in on any possible way and trying to hack everything in their reach. They think if their records are kept in here, then they have a right to come and take it. But, you see, courtesy is a requirement even in our realms.

TÉA: That’s right. Now, let’s create an instruction together how to approach Akashi appropriately. I’ll publish it for people later on. Would you like to do that?

RECORD KEEPER: Yes. Let’s do it!

TÉA: You dictate, I write.

RECORD KEEPER: Where should we start?

TÉA: One man, all of a sudden decided… Actually, it didn’t happen suddenly. The man became so unhappy with his life that he couldn’t grasp what was going on with him at all. The embodied part of his Soul did not understand what to do and how to make it right. So his man became very disoriented trying to figure his life out. That’s why the information is very essential. At some point, he heard about the informational base so called Akashic Records…

RECORD KEEPER: First of all, let it be known that Akashi is not a place where anyone can burst in.

TÉA: (laughing) OK, we are making it clear right now.

RECORD KEEPER: The sense of tact and courtesy must be present everywhere you go. Even though we do have what they need, we are not obligated to provide anything to them. This message is for the pushy ones who demand information by any means.

TÉA: Okay.

RECORD KEEPER: For starters, it would be great for them to get to know their guides.

TÉA: That’s the problem. They are not able to hear their guides.

RECORD KEEPER: Oh my! And what do you want us to do?

TÉA: I am not going to tell you what to do, that’s for sure.

RECORD KEEPER: Just kidding.

TÉA: What I was trying to say is I would like us to find some way to connect unconnected now. (laughing).

RECORD KEEPER: Without awareness, there is no use to come here. More than that, expressing your wishes without mindfulness can even be dangerous. There are many entities in your realms who are listening and can take an advantage of you before you even reach Akashi. So, be careful what you wish for!

TÉA: Yes, I’ve heard stories where somebody thought he got to Akashi but there were some unidentified gray, amorphous entities…

RECORD KEEPER: That’s right. If you are not able to see where you are going and who you are talking to, you are at risk of getting into such interactions and making such wishes, it would take you forever to clean that mess up. That is to say without awareness and at least, basic sensation skills, lacking clairvoyance, there is nothing here for you to do. However, we are benevolent entities opened for dialogue. Another thing I should mention is be aware of phantoms!

TÉA: The phantoms? Who are pretending they are you in front of people?

RECORD KEEPER: You can easily run into them on the approaches to Akashi. The phantoms can reside in some spaces, where people get to thinking that is Akashi but in fact, those are phantom formations. Speaking of how to connect those who can’t see or hear, honestly, I don’t know. If a soul is not awake yet, it’s hard to do anything.

TÉA: Well, I understand your point of view. This is how it is. Up to now, people are stuck in the absence of awareness and the awareness cannot occur in absence of the information. But, people are not capable of retrieving any information on their own because their memory is blocked. What’s left for them is to ask someone who possess that information. (smiling) so they do it the way they do it…

RECORD KEEPER: It would be better for people to ask about their primary lifeline, rather than what happened in the past life and what is going to happen in the future. This is the right way to begin with, at least to start gaining self-clarity.

TÉA: That’s right. I confirm.

RECORD KEEPER: And everything else would follow. It’s pity to watch them running around trying to collect the information about their past because it just might cloud their mind even more.

TÉA: Well, the linear mind has been constructed based on…

RECORD KEEPER: OK, I think I understand now how it works in your world. That is the reason you started asking me about the time concept.

TÉA: In continuation, the present cannot be realized without memory of the past.

RECORD KEEPER: It seems so.

TÉA: Look, I am beginning to understand a few things. When someone lives in the present moment, here and now, but are unaware of the past lives, so some of the memory segments are fall out. Consequently, this person doesn’t have any sense of his multidimensional existence.


TÉA: Even with the assistance of other beings, when someone is helped to learn about his probable past, awareness is restored through his recovered memories. The part, which was out of focus, is pulled into focus.

RECORD KEEPER: Do you know that from the prime lifeline man can get a hint on the reason why he is hanging out here… this is an interesting wording I found in your field … The reason of his present incarnation attributes to his past life experience. There is a direct connection there.

TÉA: Yes, of course! That’s why everybody ask about their past life record.

RECORD KEEPER: But why not to start all the way around by asking yourself, why I am here in this existence? It will make everything clear and the past life experience would be explained, wouldn’t it?