21 November 2020


Translator LAIMA


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It’s not the same now as it used to be. Not everyone has this understanding. Although everyone feels or knows what is wrong.

We came for experience. We were receiving it. We have trodden many paths, have made a lot of connections. All this was supposed to serve our development, but it happened at the same frequencies, give or take. It was a horizontal sine wave.

Now I feel that horizontal experiences are closing. Their set and assortment has been exhausted.



And now this is not the earthly version which everyone has adapted to. Now this is a change of energy frequencies. And even the experience that has not been closed yet, must come out of the former frequency.

That is why it is so dumb for many who have not played enough of good and evil, light and darkness yet. They are left to play out. But in what conditions!

Our GAIMIA (Earth) is very tolerant as a being. Maternal energies dominate in her. In order not to close the Humanity project by collapsing, she agreed to stretch herself in frequencies. Moreover, the percentage of severity is still high.

Therefore, express awakening is offered to people. I’m kidding about the express, but the bottom line is that there is no longer time to ramp-up. Those, whose degree of adaptability is good, will reach the required frequency level. The rest will leave.

Now there is a vertical transition. My words about the corkscrew, faster flow of energies… In other words, directly. The frequencies of the experience change in the same vector. That’s why it’s so uncomfortable. A great degree of obscurity has emerged. But our beings are “on the watch”. They form in our energy fields a stream of energies that are familiar and understandable to us. However, they bring us to it in different ways, as soon as we are ready.

Let’s take a simple example. We have a delicious natural dessert that is healthy. But if we eat ten times more of it than our stomach can take, we will vomit. So it is here.

What should we do when everything is like this? Moreover, you can’t calculate it in advance.
Form your own reality. Thoughts, intentions and faith direct towards it and into it.

There may be many big and small problems around, but on their background, our state will be different. The state of the creator does not disappear anyway, no matter what reality we live in. Is it hard to believe? Don’t believe it! I don’t even try to convince somebody. I just live!



Ahh! Now is the time for healthy indifference! Just don’t confuse it with irresponsibility.

I’ll even let the base down! A person who does not care, not knowing that, by his attitude to life, helps his being to carry its energies into his life and build the best options for himself according to the principle “like water off a duck’s back” or “everything is easy!” Choose what you like best!

He does not try to calculate, plan, make inferences. He just listens to himself!

Can you draw conclusions? I’m with you!