How to enter Akashic Records. Part 2

How to enter Akashic Records. Part 2

13  September  2020

Channeler – LAVIAANA
Host – TÉA
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Translator – Yevgeniya Novikova

English text editor – GAAROS


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Русская версия ченнелинга:



TÉA: Because, they don’t understand any of it. Not until you tell them.

RECORD KEEPER: Oh, too bad!

TÉA: And that is the key! If only they could understand, really, why they are here now, they would realize the underlying cause. Otherwise, their ability to understand is impaired. That’s why they are running around asking others,” What is the purpose of my life?” How many times have you heard that question?

RECORD KEEPER: What is the purpose of life? This is a strange question to me. If the soul is awake that kind of question wouldn’t be raised. The knowledge is coming in a whisper of the soul. In the case, when people are chasing around answers to their questions, it only shows one thing; their souls are not awake.

TÉA: Yes, but souls won’t wake up if the awareness is not there. That’s why such questions exist. When human’s sleeping soul begins to wonder “Why am I here?” and it gets the answer to this question, that soul is coming to its senses. The awareness is on rise. The Soul wakes up.

RECORD KEEPER: Hmm… It’s interesting.

TÉA: Didn’t you know that?

RECORD KEEPER: Well, we viewed it conversely.

TÉA: Indeed!

RECORD KEEPER: Well, we do not live in linear time like you. That’s why we don’t know.

TÉA: Hold on, I am not judging. Not at all! I am always looking for disconnections between realities, let’s say, between your reality and the reality of incarnated souls into human bodies. That’s where we do not understand each other! (Smiling) Let’s break it down to get to the bottom of this. My goal is to convey all of the information to people, so everybody, finally, would understand. Listen, I am going to summarize this matter once again: There is a soul incarnated in man’s body without a memory of its past lives. The memory could be blocked for numerous reasons. For instance, it was lost, forgotten or intentionally blocked due to a certain conditioning of the present incarnation, etc. This soul does not understand its present life purpose: “Why am I here?” “What am I doing here?” The present existence is perceived as a nonsense: “Apparently, I exist, but I have to survive!” The Survivor is the name of the game here. OK, at some point this incarnated soul might even master the survival game rules. But then what? What’s next? Where to go? Which doors should be knack on? Once, this human soul heard about a place where chronicles of all souls and entities are stored. The name of that place is Akashi. Needless to say, the first thought comes up to go there and ask for the needed information. That’s what people do to their best ability. You see, in our human society we do not have a wide variety of channels and mediums who are adept in the interpretation of energy language into a verbal language for the intelligent communication with Akashi. Just like LAVIAANA is doing it for us right now. So, in absence of such channels people are trying to reach out to you on their own. We know the result of that initiative.

RECORD KEEPER: Okay, I get it.

TÉA: Please understand they do that from despair and out of frustration.

RECORD KEEPER: Still, there are those who feel they own us.

TÉA: All right. Anyway, everyone here has his or her own ambitions. The foolishness is playing its roll too (sighing). The question is what we can do to speed up activation of human memory if people do not possess clear-audience. In other words, they don’t have the ability to hear. Could you, please, outline an option acceptable for you for an appropriate Akashi entering protocol?

RECORD KEEPER: The appropriate way to enter Akashi is to behave out of respect and consideration. Simply tell us you are exhausted and want to know.

TÉA: To come with confession? (laughing)

RECORD KEEPER: Actually, yes. You see, there are people who come to us out of curiosity. There are plenty of those. But, when we see someone come with a genuine desire for change within and he is confessing the failure to connect to his soul, that’s when we do show up to help those people.

TÉA: In other word, leave your ambitious claims behind and get straight to the point.

RECORD KEEPER: And if possible, make it brief. It’s hard for us to understand when you are blabbing.


TÉA: (laughing) That’s for sure! Clear statement is required. I am going to share my own experience. My working group is providing a service to people in the form of personal consultation. Anybody can obtain a private information through us, any person or soul.

In our experience, forming clear questions are not simple things to do, especially if those questions are coming from somebody who is not familiar with the concept of the World order. The person who believes in the concept of abstract gods who are seated in the high realms, or they may believe there are some original blueprints out there. Those people have no idea that beings like you are alive, real entities with inherent characters, unique vibrations and your own outlook.

Also, many people believe their appeals to high realms are going to angels. The angels’ concept is quite intimate to many. It is depicted as something big, bright, with wings and halos, sending out beautiful and pleasant vibrations. There is a belief that angels do not have their own personal identity or their own consciousness.

RECORD KEEPER: I see. Yes, it’s difficult for those people to understand.

TÉA: First of all, people’s approach to high realms is based on their beliefs. This is why their invocations are going nowhere in particular and, practically, calling on no one.

Second of all, it’s hard for them to formulate what they want. For instance, somebody, who is coming for a personal consultation, is required to present his questions. What happens next is instead of clear, straight to the point questions we hear very long stories for our best understanding of person’s matter in regards to what exactly they need and want.

You are compelled to deal with the same people’s habitual actions by listening to their long stories.

RECORD KEEPER: It is a waste of time.

TÉA: I wish people would understand that.

RECORD KEEPER: That information overload is going to get stuck in their energy field.

TÉA: Okay. Please, give us examples of some questions you consider funny or are puzzling to you.

RECORD KEEPER: Let’s see… here is puzzling one, «Why am I stuck on Earth and why do I reincarnate every time in a female body?” This question does not make any sense to us. So what, if he is in a female body and stuck on Earth? What difference does it make to us?

TÉA: (laughing) What is she or he upset about?

RECORD KEEPER: In the first place, that being does not understand why he is not able to leave the Earth. Secondly, he does not understand why, exactly, he is in the female form. The record shows, he hasn’t mastered certain tasks in regards to feminine energies. How am I supposed to explain it if the whole context of mastering this task, essentially, was an abstract notion for this being?

TÉA: Did you try to explain it going straight to the point, just as you told me?

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, we made the attempt to explain the fact that some goal of the female existence hasn’t been accomplished. He was surprised: «How come?” Look at my past life; look at my other past lives. I accomplished so much as a woman! Why has the same story been going around and around?” What they do is they go to other places for information and after wards come to Akashi for our confirmation.

TÉA: Yes, I am aware.

RECORD KEEPER: That’s right. So, on the occasion, when information doesn’t match to what they heard before from another source, causes them to be suspicion of us, implying that we just don’t want to work with them.

TÉA: Yes, I understand what it is all about.

RECORD KEEPER: So, how are we supposed to deal with them?

TÉA: They don’t trust the information provided by you, do they?

RECORD KEEPER: Once, somebody came in with this question, «Is this a true that I was a rat before?”

TÉA: (laughing)

RECORD KEEPER: He added, «I have descended from the Animal Kingdom.”

TÉA: And so? Was it the truth?

RECORD KEEPER: No. In his case, it wasn’t the truth. Somebody told him that about his past lives. Overall, that can happen. Sometimes, some beings do rise from the Animal Kingdom. Those are purely terrestrial creatures. It wasn’t the case with this guy.

The story goes he was turned into a rat for some lifetime for committing a sin. Likely, he was a smart rat so he successfully has transformed himself back into human form.

(Everybody is laughing)

RECORD KEEPER: That was hilarious. He was bugging us for quite a while: «Really? Are you sure? But someone told me so…”

TÉA: (smiling) Looks like, you guys don’t have much of authority contrary to mundane fortune-tellers, psychics and other prophets.

RECORD KEEPER: Let’s see what else? All kind of beings come over here from different sides too. “Dark” or “light”, everybody wants to know something.

TÉA: What exactly did they want to know?

RECORD KEEPER: There are two most desirable types of information. One of them is about consequences. What would happen if we change a scenario of the present situation?

TÉA: So, those are asking about future outcome.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, it wouldn’t be too much of repercussion. Others want to learn somebody else secrets to use it against them later, if necessary.

TÉA: Oh yes, personal Intel.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, like I said before, beings are from opposite sides. Here is the deal, we are impartial. We provide an information but we do not responsible for how that information is going to be used.

TÉA: Is it right to provide the information then?

RECORD KEEPER: No, of course not. We are selective on what and who we give information to. We scan our visitors, looking into intentions and probable scenarios. Where and how they are going to apply the knowledge.

TÉA: This is a great responsibility.

RECORD KEEPER: Absolutely. That’s why I’ve mentioned earlier the sense of tact must be presented. The visitors from the higher realm who never incarnated on Earth have it. Some visitors demonstrate politeness out of cunning to get what they want. Others truly possess the innate sensitivity. Speaking of visitors from Earth, very often they are lacking good manners.

TÉA: Oh well… How easily can you see real intention if detecting a cunning being?

RECORD KEEPER: Pretty easy. Perhaps you already know. It’s easy to see anything out of neutral state. Everything is based on that.

TÉA: Have you ever made a mistake?

RECORD KEEPER: Hardly. We have been living for too long for that.

TÉA: (smiling) Oh yeah, too long is a lot! All right. Let’s finish up with the rules of Akashi visitations for human.

RECORD KEEPER: OK. We are willing to offer our support to those beings who would come with good intentions, with the soul evolution motive, but not for some kind of profit. It is very important for us to see that souls are coming for the sake of awakening and not out of curiosity. This is the most essential point for us. We are ready to help. We even agree to modify something in people’s contracts but again, the key is no selfishness and no greed in the intentions, only a desire for a spiritual growth and the rise of vibrations.

TÉA: If I understand it right, it is not enough just to get the information. The people also must be ready and capable of taking action on it.

RECORD KEEPER: Correct. When we see someone who came in out of curiosity we feed this person with only partial information to make them leave. We already know by our experience those are stubborn ones. They don’t take NO for the answer. This is the way to get rid of them by giving them initially shortened version and shutting the door right after.

TÉA: Don’t you worry them might come back and will keep coming for more?

RECORD KEEPER: In those cases, we are setting a barrier up. I bet you heard somebody complaining that they came in but were sent out some place else.

TÉA: More like they couldn’t get in. They were knocking on the door but there was no answer.

 RECORD KEEPER: That’s what I am talking about. This is the barrier for those who are curious or have an idle interest, as well as the braggers, like “Been there! Done that!” “I know more than the others!” “I have the skill!” No, that is not going to work.

TÉA: So, you guys read people’s motives of their energy fields.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, we do.

TÉA: OK. What about beings with really earnest intentions? Can they come to you on their own?

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, they can.

TÉA: Shouldn’t they be escorted by their guides?

RECORD KEEPER: Not at all. With the guides, more detailed information might be obtained but the guides presence is not required. If people’s vibes are high enough to shift them to Akashi then they are welcome.

TÉA: Are you receiving your visitors beyond the bounds of Akashi or letting them come inside?

RECORD KEEPER: The inside, but not at the main galleries, of course. We have an assigned place for our visitors. If people get to the wrong place we redirect them to the designated area where all conversations are usually conducted. When somebody is saying that they were rummaging in, searching for scrolls and finding them with no supervision, I tell you, yes, they found those scrolls, but only in their imagination. On the occasions when we meet adequate people, we accompany them to their files, or to their scroll as you call it. So they can focus on exactly what’s needed. We always pay attention to circumstances and the escort is a routine practice in Akashi. No one is allowed to dig in the records uncontrollably.

TÉA: Are you saying the beings look through their files in the presence of the Record Keeper?

RECORD KEEPER: Yes. They may have no memory of our appearance or memory of our energy vibrations because people are in the state of sleep or some kind of altered state of mind or trance when they are doing it.

TÉA: Right now, I am going to ask you for something outrageous, of course, only if you are able or would wanna do it. (smiling) Could you get into people’s skin, at least in your imagination, to look at a situation from people’s point of view? And how could we be sure that we got to real Akashi, not some kind of phantom place or any other weird area?

RECORD KEEPER: To be sure, you must be capable of seeing or sensing energy vibrations. Ask the Keepers to demonstrate their authentic vibes to you. This is the only way.

TÉA: What if your vibrations are unfamiliar to someone?

RECORD KEEPER: In this case, there is no guarantee. They can end up wherever.

TÉA: Then, it makes sense, at least for the first time, to go along with the Guide for an introduction.

RECORD KEEPER: Definitely, it is better to come with your Guides or someone who is familiar with our vibrations. It’s very good if you have the Guide. Some people don’t. Those people should seek help of someone experienced with our energies.

TÉA: Yes, I understand, get introduced to vibes and meet in person.

RECORD KEEPER: Correct. Sometimes, in addition, we provide entry codes. LAVIAANA was bringing some people and we have issued numerical entry codes for them. There are varieties of different codes. We design them for people to turn to us in case they want to come again.

TÉA: OK, it’s clear now. I am really tempted to ask is it possible to create some versatile entry code for all people? Will it work?

RECORD KEEPER: No. It is not a good option.

TÉA: All right. Okay. I get it. Now, we have reached the point about people’s motives, for your understanding. Why they want to know about their past lives, as I have explained earlier.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, it’s understandable.

TÉA: Please no hard feelings on your side. Let’s set aside scenarios like somebody picked dubious information then they run to you for validation, like that former rat man. I am talking about serious inquiries.

RECORD KEEPER: Wait, I should mention another group. Those were wizards or warlocks in their past incarnations. They love to come over to Akashi.

TÉA: What do they want?


TÉA: Okay, the power but what’s the link?

RECORD KEEPER: When you possess the information in full extent…

TÉA: In other words, they are trying to recover their past lives abilities, right?

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, and that too. They also ask for the information about some other people. So, what do we get as the result?

TÉA: Well, I just was asking for more patience on your side. Now, you understand why people really need to know about their past lives.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, we understand.

TÉA: The knowledge of the past lives is putting everything into a logical chained connection to the present. It gives people an understanding of underlying causes to present life events, in accordance with ongoing contracts.

RECORD KEEPER: It’s understandable, of course. You’ve explained it well.

TÉA: This is sort of a shortcut to the awakening, awareness and consciousness. I have noticed many things through my practices. If I tell someone about what they are experiencing now it doesn’t impress them much. Theoretically, yes, they understand the outlook of it but I sense there is no comprehensive perception of the information. Contrarily, when we connect a certain moment of the past life to the relevant present life experience, people are realizing the particular connection. Their potential is increasing exponentially. It is an outbreak in understanding.

RECORD KEEPER: Wow! How much human perception is still limited!

TÉA: That’s the way it is. I am not addressing it only to you. I am appealing to all who are involved in the project of rising human’s consciousness. Until the project participants from the high realms understand the mechanism discussed today, we won’t see any progress in our joint work. This is the one of the key moments which could speed up the processes of humanity rising up to a higher level of consciousness overall.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, I understand.

TÉA: Somehow, we have to connect the perception of linear time to the multidimensional course, considering people’s inability to achieve multidimensional consciousness by themselves. In this case, the high realm entities have to make an adjustment in information delivery to the linear level without any ambitious attitude of Supreme beings toward human’s unawareness. You have to adapt to the language of the limited mind for successful communication and understanding.

RECORD KEEPER: It’s understandable.

TÉA: I think all of us are interested in ending this disaster sooner rather than later. We all are mired in this swamp.

RECORD KEEPER: Yes, I think so.

TÉA: Thus, we must come together.


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