29 September 2020


Translator LAIMA


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What to do if you didn’t do so as it was planned, forgot the necessary information, answered not as you would like to, mixed up due to inattention, ruined something or smashed something, turning awkwardly ?!

What to do in order not to annoy yourself, not to scold or harass, not to chew the situation endlessly, conducting dialogues with yourself and emotionally experiencing it again?

I also had such cases of awkwardness: I said or did something in a wrong way. As the Ukrainians say in this case, “nezgraba”.

What do I do with it? I never really thought about it. But lately, I have been well sobering up the memory of acting out scenario plans. I subscribed, like the others, to a certain line of behavior, to a set of roles and event options for the unfolding of my life.



What’s happening?

Situations can be small, ordinary, and larger, which create waves in our space of life. And also the key ones that change the course of events in our life.

We learn, as a rule, on small ones. They hone our reactions and form habits. There are usually more of them.

If the situations are less familiar and more global, it happens a little differently. We are sometimes surprised at our own reactions.

Why is that?

When you need to solve something quickly, another mechanism turns on, other parts of our brain. Personality structures and minds have no place here. Our core energies are working.

Let’s return to the more stable and familiar moments.

Am I scolding myself that I did something wrong? Not now. At most, at first I can call myself stupid. No collision and aggression. As a belated defensive reaction of the mind to the fact that he slipped and allowed such a thing.

When I had situations, for example, such as I go to the bank and forget my passport or to the market and leave my wallet at home, I observed an interesting reaction. At this time, I have a kind of switching. The mind moves away, or my energies remove it. And there are almost no thoughts. I just silently, calmly walk or go home to take what I forgot and, finally, get the job done. If in such a situation my energies were not turned on, I would have exhausted myself with lamentations about the loss of time, seasoned with overworked nerves. And so everyone is “happy”. No complaints. If it’s necessary, then it’ necessary!

I consciously live, relying on the energies of my Being. Although I have to use my mind and observe some framework prescribed by society, temporarily renting myself and energy. This is necessary to complete my task.

Recently I thought why, having my ability to master a word, it is easy to select, when talking with someone, apt expressions, in situations where you need to quickly, expressively or even caustically respond, the necessary phrases come later. As in this case, we say: “A good thought comes after”! Someone has such reactions from tongue-tied, I do so from the essence of my energies, which do not like skirmishes and frequency drops towards low. They are hard for them. By their nature, my energies tend to transform sharp corners, even if they are clearly sharp, and this is provoked by the opposite side. There is much of such experience here. It is natural. While “motley” souls are under one roof, sparks are inevitable.

When this fact became clear to me, why should I berate myself? Well this is the mind worries about sparkling. Well, let him worry! There is no need to involve me in this.

Or, for example, there was an absurd situation. Asleep, I had to get something by standing on a stool. And magically I drop this not heavy stool on my leg. It turns out exactly at an angle and hits my leg between my toes. In a second, a huge swelling with hematoma swells up there. I look at it with surprise and horror, realizing that something needs to be done urgently. My energies turn on. Translated into human language – sober thinking. I pull myself together. I find the right ointment and try to lay my leg in a certain way, placing a pillow under it, so that I can somehow rest until the end of the night.

Yes, such embarrassments happen too! This happens when, in the bustle of the earth, you do not have time to immediately bring to awareness the important points.


You did something and were not satisfied with either your actions or the reaction of others. You allowed that lower, elemental energies to appear inside. They must be cleaned out immediately. If for some reason such energy is delayed, it will definitely come out at the most unexpected moment. Each has its own “sauce”: a sense of failure, guilt, dissatisfaction, and so on. The list is long. If you want, you’ll figure it out!

And then this elemental energy goes to physics. The physical body is our last vulnerable instance.

We break a thing or lose it. All this testifies to the discharge of that elemental energy within us, which is incompatible with us. Of the non-living things, the next vulnerable link is the things we are in close contact with.

Something stops working, strange breakdowns happen. Especially when it comes to electronics, electricity, computers and other gadgets. Scan your condition. Your thing is called yours because you are in close energy exchange with it. It directly reflects your inner state.

If something is lost, it may indicate the completion of a certain experience and its transition to a new level.

For example, I twice lost the magnifying glasses, which I use to read small letters on labels in a supermarket. Well, yes, at the first moment it’s a pity, because they were comfortable. But then I observed that my perception of information, my approach to it and my vision changed. As I say, “I have nothing more to exchange with the thing. Our relationship has “exhausted itself.”



I am telling you my view of the phenomena and my experience on this topic. I am one of those who are used to building relationships. In our world, everything is interconnected. Signs don’t come out of nowhere. The subtle world signals you the future. When the mind is engaged in building relationships, acceptance is easier and easier. Besides, it feels being at work itself. As in any business, it is better to act without fanaticism! Do not pull by the ears what was not nearby. Everything can be learned gradually!

The main thing is to remove the frames of perception as much as possible. The world is energetically more homogeneous than in the world of forms, where we now live.

Be interested in yourself! This is a wonderful and targeted investment of energies!