1 November 2020

Channeler LAVIAANA

Translator Yelena Krymskaya

English version editor GAAROS


Русская версия ченнелинга здесь

Part 1


I was reflecting on how to get the Kin topic across because, again, I have questions about it. So many things have already been said, I would not want to repeat them. While I was thinking, I felt that familiar energies were knocking at my field. They appeared so suddenly as it was a response to my thoughts…


– Do you want me to tell you what I know and what I think about it?

– Well, that is very interesting…of course I want to know!

It turned out that energy was my friend Akashic Record Keeper. We have known each other for a long time and have discussed many issues.

Here is what he told me.

I am going to present our conversation in a form of a dialogue.


Keeper: You know, once, I was contacting the Universal Kin Keeper for some business matter. You probably do not know him.

Me: No, I don’t. This is the first time I have heard about him.

Keeper: There is such a guy. He is an ancient creature. Therefore, he added some information to what I already knew. So, listen!

The Terrestrial Kin is one multilayered, cell-structured entity. In AKASHIC GAYIMIYA’s record, it is presented as the collective of individual beings. In the informational energetic variant, it looks like a crystalline matrix.

The horizontal rows are an up building of the earth families. The vertical structures are spiritual accumulation. Those plexuses are very fancy. In some cases, they are difficult to read due to intermittency and distortions.

Every Kin is performing its task and has accumulated potential. The type of produced energy is determined by that. Some kin are extended. They are bulging out energetically. There are those, which look like sinkholes. 

There are visible vector links. For example, spots where one kin is pulling out another one looks like luminous fiber with a unidirectional vector of motion without any feedback, with the possibility of that connection to appear much later. 

I saw how fibers of some families disappeared completely without a trace. The others were merging into large branches of energy.

Me: I am sensing that it is very chaotic there.

Keeper: Partially, yes! It is because of spiritual parts of crystalline matrix were deformed by an overgrowth of horizontal links. They were blocking full volume of energy flow vertically.

I know that initially everything was planned differently than what has happened!

Me: What, exactly, did go wrong?

Keeper: As it turned out, your Universe had gaps between layers of floors. These gaps became points of entry for aliens, who originally had not been there.

Me: Who are they?

Keeper: They are humanoids, reptiloids, and variety of plasmoid species. Those who lost connection with their own Source.

Me:  I see… I asked about it to give clearer picture to our audience. Go on!

Keeper: When aliens lost the connection to their native Gods, they created false gods. Therefore, their interference with the Universal Kin Keeper started to distort HIM by enforcing energies of fabled false gods.

Originally, there were no human kin. They were formed right at that time. Here is how it happened. In the beginning, aliens were invading lower layers. Those were easiest to intrude. The energies of Absolute beings, living in this Universe, were not fully blocked at that time. Those who were receiving energy by those channels could not differentiate their own from alien.

They accepted energies of imposed false gods as their own. Thus, worshiping of the Sun, the Moon and elements have arisen and people believed that those very energies were giving them Life and Security. In the beginning, distortions created individual Humankind Keepers. Later on, the Keeper of entire Humankind was formed.

Me: So, was it that time when so-called Karma, ancestral debts and the endless circle of reincarnations came into place?

Keeper: Oh, yes!

Me: Was the Universal Kin Keeper essential structure transmitting energies of Absolutes to their creations?

Keeper: Yes, that’s how it was!

Talk to the Universal Kin Keeper. He will tell you everything in more detail.

Me: May I ask one more question? Where was the Hierarchy of Light at that time?

Keeper: That’s where you’re going! 🙂

You call it time trouble. I forgot to mention that the story of the Universal Keeper creation is deeply connected to Archangel MICHAEL, who was supervising this project. When alien invasion happened, he mobilized a force to correct the situation. He was blocking entry points and eliminating the unwanted elements. However, the balance of active forces in the Universe began to change, and the structure was turning into dual one. So-called Free Will has been created. MICHAEL was accused of violation of this very Law of Free Will.

Then everything was declared as the EXPERIMENT.

Me: Well, nothing to say…

Keeper: I see there is one more question in your field about family cells structure.

Me: Yes, I have this one!

Keeper: Prior incarnation on GAYIMIYA, the potential and the volume were shown to souls. The volume, unfortunately, was not always true to fact. It was a trap of karmic connections and debts. The soul was told: “If you want a development and evolution, earn energy for your Kin and help others”. The soul believed and it really did not have a choice. Many got stuck in this “wheel”. That’s how the idea of Service was planted. That’s what was at the scenes, but behind it, there was manipulation of collective energies. 

Me: I see. This is another illusion. What is next? What do you think?

Keeper: Do you want my opinion?

The energy has to be pulled out of the Human Kin Keeper. It is going to return the Universal Kin Keeper to his original form. He has been waiting for a long time for those who would want to hear HIM out. Think about it.

Me: Thank you! There is something to think about.



(to be continued)