1 August 2020


Translator GAAROS


Link to Russian variant (ссылка на русский вариант):



For very long time we all have existed in a distorted information field, which was created by those who desire to dominate and control.

Now, the information is opening layer by layer. Who wants to hear, those are listening.

I do not trust or accept what’s coming from outside, right away. I always use my discernment, filtering everything through my own senses.

Recently, I got a link to one version of the Aramaic “Lord’s Prayer”, along with the Russian interpretation.

Even in those ancient times, there were attempts to move humanity off the dead spot, to give it a push, so to speak, for spiritual evolution.

The evolutionary move would be much more significant if only outside force of reptilians’ species, presenting themselves in their different hypostasis didn’t interfere.

The fundamental distortion of knowledge has been done.

You can hear the fact that Jesus did not create any religion.

He just shared his knowledge on how to get to your own authentic energies from your sources. Jesus was using allegorical form in his teachings, which were appropriate and easy to understand at that period of time. Also, that was purposely done trying to prevent a distortion of information.

Unfortunately, only some segments of Jesus teachings survived in the original form. The rest has been transformed into a religion.

Here is a small example of distorted facts. Jesus never imposed himself as Christ, Savior, Anointed, Messiah and so on. The Sign of the cross did not exist either.



His main messages contained energies of the knowledge he offered.

Earlier, I was asking myself why the well-known, conventional version of “Lord’s Prayer” did not activate me. Now, working with energies, I have an understanding of the reason why.

I think you already know that written texts are not just “flat” forms in the shape of some symbols containing certain information. They are multidimensional structures.

Why does, sometimes, misunderstanding occur and a reaction of readers or audience to some information is not as it was expected. It seems, there are right words but they turned out to be boring to read or listen to or even unpleasant and depressing.

The answer is simple. That information is based on incompatible qualities of energies. It comes as a second layer detected by us unconsciously.

The higher vibration level of transmitted text, the deeper the value of its content. In some cases it’s very challenging, or perhaps impossible, to translate it into a language of speech.

While I was “listening” to energies, a clear understanding has come to me that the soul incarnated under the name of Jesus has a crystalline structure. Amazingly, that happened over two thousand years ago!

The crystalline souls were rare in those ancient times. There were others, unknown to us, who didn’t become as famous as Jesus. They just simply were completing their missions.

*Let me introduce to you one Aramaic prayer interpretation, which was translated *word for word. Also, down below you will find my brief analyses of this prayer created to explore the energy dynamics and the enclosed message within.


Lord’s Prayer

(Aramaic version)

Oh, Breathing Life,

Your Name is Omnipresent!

Expand the space,

To plant Your presence!

Visualize in Your imagination

Your instantaneous “I can”.

Express Your will in every light and shape.

Grow your bread and epiphany through us for every moment!

Break nodes of failures that bind us (karma).

Like we release fetters of faults

We are holding on to the guilt of others!

Help us to remember our Source.

Free us from immaturity of absence in the present moment!

Everything originates from You.

The Vision, the Strength and the Song

From Congregation to Congregation.

Amen – Sealed in trust, faith and truth!


My analyses:

Oh, Breathing Life,

Your Name is Omnipresent!

These are Primary energies of creation, which lie at foundation of all living things.

We are appealing to their greatness and authenticity. In reality, everyone pleas to their primordial Creators and that is the primary message built into these words.

Expand the space,

To plant Your presence!

When I pronounced those words, I started to feel my essential energies were pushing out everything mundane very actively giving me a seething sensation in my body.

Visualize in Your imagination

Your instantaneous “I can”!

I feel very strong energy flow coming down to the crown center, spinning the vortex. This is an impulse and a reminder of our ability for creation.

Express Your will in every light and shape.

This sentence is about surrendering to Higher power, which is leading us and creating through us everything we and our world desire.

Grow your bread and

Epiphany through us for every moment!

The energy, in the form of a wheat spike, is rising up from the heart center to the Throat chakra showing how and where all creation process is happening.

Break nodes of failures that bind us

Like we release fetters of faults

By which we holding on to guilt of others!

In this part, the heart and the Throat centers are activating on the left side as it works in my female body. I suppose it is going to work on the right side in male bodies. I see cables like ropes are loosening up, untying and dissolving. I do not have big ropes but some people might have thick and heavy ones. The energies show me this liberation process works the same way for everyone.

Help us to remember our Source.

Now, just for a moment, I am shifting to a different state of mind feeling myself united like a whole entity without losing my understanding of reality. It’s sort of a dual sensation. I am in the present moment in full consciousness but at the same time, those pronounced words are turning me into totally different state of understanding in absence of active mind interference.

Free us from immaturity of absence in the present moment!

This phrase activates the crown center again with a sensation of guidance.

Everything is originated from You

The Vision, the Strength and the Song

From Congregation to Congregation!

With those words, concentration and power are coming in. The energies of Creators along with all spiritual kin of everyone presented at that congregation are activating. Nowadays, merging with this particular flow of energies is still happening without any congregation.

Amen – Sealed in trust, faith and truth.

Amen is the word of completion. It is carrying the meaning of confirmation and validation, as of an expression of faith.

Let our future actions rise up from here. The energy of inspiration is moving up as an unstoppable flow through the Crown center concentrating into a powerful impulse toward our Creators.



Let’s look at another level of this prayer as a part of “Sermon on the Mount”. It has a message.

There is a hope.

I am giving it to you.

Those who are able, will hear, pick it up caring the fire.

Nothing will stop them.

I am giving a binding thread.

There is nothing to fear.

The illusion easily can be destroyed.

You are who are able to.

(at this moment the vortex is opening and energies are expending)

The Victory is yours.

The darkness doesn’t exist.

It was forced upon you and you believed.

There are rays and flame, growing into fire.

For those, who are ready.

I am beside you.

Your Creators are interacting with you through this message.

These are keys for your souls.


Already at that time, an attempt was made to give people a connection to their Creators.

The messages were supposed to reach many people. Those keys were implemented to attune everyone, whoever would touch it, to a connection with Creators. However, there was one condition: FAITH.



Despite everything, the shift of consciousness did happen in many people.


I am giving you a basic narrative though you might have your own unique experience. So, I would love to hear from you about your finding. Let’s keep up our special connection!

Be Mindful while looking at your world. Pay attention for clues and signs as they are always out there for you!


Much love to all who value their own lives and their precious energies!



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