9 November 2020

Channeler LAVIAANA

Translator Yelena Krymskaya

English version editor GAAROS



(the beginning here)


Русская версия ченнелинга


Part 2

As the Akashic Record Keeper advised, I found the Universal Bloodline Keeper for an interaction, to hear everything first hand. He wasn’t surprised at all. Either the news is spreading fast or the astonishment is not an inherent category for him.




Keeper: I have something to tell you. There are many of your energies at my core. You need to grasp them and put in order. Many souls will start getting energies in different way.

Laviaana: Ok, I hear you, but right now, it’s not about me.

Recently, I talked to someone and learned about your transformation. There was a plan for you to be a net of energy channels coming from Absolutes. Archangel MICHAEL launched this project. Tell me about it as an insider from the position of the affected party.

Keeper: It was a wide-scale event! The Logoses of all Universes, whose souls were inhabiting here, took a part in my creation. Any soul incarnated in this Universe or this Galaxy could return home by the channel of its native Absolute, if it wished to do so. The Home connection existed both ways. There was a safety mechanism in each channel, working as a filter. The reconciliation parameters were installed everywhere. If something was going wrong, the channel would switch into autonomous mode. It was agreed upon and legalized by Absolutes of participating civilizations. Regarding souls of this Universe, our Logos was supervising their security.

When the energetic imbalance arose, the following happened. The channels, which energy volume and vibration level were exceeding the level of this Universe, switched into self-contained mode. In other channels, the failure occurred causing irreversible results, the total mix of energies.

Laviaana: What can I say? What would you like now?

Keeper: What do you think?

Laviaana: Do you want to remember how incredibly huge and beautiful you used to be in former time?

Keeper: I want to remember how it feels to be complete again!

Laviaana: What are you suggesting?

Keeper: I am suggesting to take out my energies from overstuffed Keeper of Human Bloodlines.

Laviaana: I thought about it! We need to take out energies from individual bloodline channels then get their remnants out of all the layers of the human bloodline Keeper. The extracted energies should be combined all together and connected to spiritual accumulations – the spiritual lineage of every soul. It has to be drawn up vertically, as it was originally created, not horizontally.

Keeper: The ancestral essence of individual bloodlines will transform into channels of communication and the Keeper of Human Bloodlines will merge with me. My vibrations are downgraded and it’s difficult to see everything in full scale.

Laviaana: I can hear your name. It sounds something like OOLOS [oo los]

Keeper: Yes, the first sound “O” used to contain Infinity.

Laviaana: I think you’ll get it back!